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Hotsale China WinTone Maize Corn Flour Milling Plant for Africa

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hotsale China WinTone Maize Corn Flour Milling Plant for Africa

Our company has been in making flour mill machine for ten years, so we are professional in this market. We can supply different kinds of machines according to clients'needs.

The brief procedure is cleaning-> milling->flour packing. The flour extraction rate is 75-90%. Our machine is of high efficiency, and Power consumption:

A. To produce standard flour: ≤ 43 kWh/t
B. To produce grade 2 flour: ≤ 60 kWh/t
C. To produce grade 1 flour: ≤ 70 kWh/t dampering time: 16-24h

Moisture of the wheat for milling:
A. To produce standard flour: 14-15%
B. To produce grade 2 flour: 14.5-15.5%
C. To produce grade 1 flour: 14.5-15.5%


The Designing for 20T/24H Maize Milling Equipment

1. Explain for designing 
  A. Capacity: Processes 20 tons of Maize one day.
    Power consumption: 93 kw
  B. The quality of the raw grain: Soft Maize or Hard Maize
  C. Working system: 24 hours one day.
  D. The quality index of the corn:
ItemSpec. and CharacteristicHard maizeSoft maize
Moisture content(%)≤14.5≤14.0
Hard maize(minimum)(%)6045
Weight of thousand maize (g)295(minimum)280(minimum 
Ash (%)1.75(maximum)1.7(maximum)
ImpurityInorganic impurities(%)0.4(maximum)0.5(maximum)
Other grains (%)0.3(maximum)0.5(maximum)
Incomplete rate(%) 4.0(maximum)6.0(maximum)
Remark: according to the customer's standard to adjust designing.
2. The product structure and quality index:
According to the customer request to process the different raw material maize, processing various specialize maize meal that for non-pollution food request, to see table 1 as below
3. The form of the package:
Woven bag :50 kg/ bag ( bran, embryo and so on)
Woven bag: 25 kg/ bag ( finished product)
Small package:10 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag, 2.5 kg/bag( finished product). 
4. The general plan layout:
The whole Factory 24meters length, 8 meters wide, 6 meters height.
5. Technological designing and product index:
The Principe of the technological designing: to choose the equipment should be guarantee the demand of the craft function and various product quality, it is consisted by most advanced cleaning machine of China.The technological design is reasonable and adjusts vivid, strong adaptability,advance equipment, high automation degree, credibility function, economy and practicality, good cleaning part. Choose the most popular dry cleaning methods to process the maize to produce non-pollution maize meal and maize flour. The stability of the machines is strong, the function is credibility, economy and practicality, the quality of the maize meal and maize flour is stable, index is forerunner.
6. Technology guarantee:
a)Guarantee for maize cleaning
The impurity content of the dust should not over 0.3%
The sand stone content should not over 0.02%
b) Waste
After sieving,in each kilogram of crushed stones, the plump corn is not over 100 grains.
After careful sieving, in the wasting things, the good corn is not over 0.01%
After careless sieving, in the wasting things, the good corn is not over 0.01%
In the tailings, the plump corn shouldn't over 0.01%
7. Staff assignments
According to the conventional business daily processing 20 tons of maize flour mill, the general annual 350 days at full capacity, three shifts of production, need every single day 1 miller, production staff 4 people.     

We offer best after service for clients .we can send our engineer to install the machine for you in your country and train the local workers to operate the machine. We offer one year spare parts for your machine

We can design the machine flow according to the client's request, our technicians can install the machine and train the local workers to operate the machine smoothly.


We installed a 150ton/24h flour mill complete set plant in Bengal in 2007,
In 2008 we installed a 60ton/24h complete set plant  in Bangladesh
In 2009 we installed a 6FTF36 flour mil machne in Ethiopis.
We installed a 100ton milling  machine in South Americain 2010.
We installed a 50ton. flour mill machine in Miami in2009
We nstalled a 60ton maize flour machine in Venezuela in 2010.

If you need more technique information and exactly price, please contact with us freely.
Our professional technique team will give you the best service.
Mr. Haoran  

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