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50t Maize Flour Mill, Maize Flour Mill in China

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50T Maize Flour Mill,Maize Flour Mill in China

This maize flour mill has two parts, cleaning part consists of sieving, destoning,dampening, degerminator and the milling parts mainly use roller mills and double sifters. This series maize flour mill machine is usually designed in steel structure or installed in a warehouse. Our maize flour mill machine have scientific design and configuration, elegant appearance, high efficiency, low power consumption, low production costs, with low noise and zero pollution. Features of maize flour mill line: 1. Dry milling technology save labor work. 2. Fully atomatic with high performance. 3. Easy operation and mantainence and energy saving. 4. High output rate of final products. 5. Installation, staff training service. 6. Reasonable price.
√  Which capacity maize mill do we have?

maize millCapacityRemark
HDFM5 MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 5ton per 24hoursmini capacity
HDFM20MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 20ton per 24hourssmall capacity
HDFM50MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 50ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM100MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 100ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM150MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 150ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM500MAIZE MILLprocesssing maize 500ton per 24hoursbig capacity  

√        Where we have installed the maize mill before?
20tons/24h maize flour mill       Zimbabwe2009,2012,2015
RD Congo20112014,
50tons/24h maize flour mill       Malawi2009,2013
RD Congo2010,2014,2015
100tons/24h maize flour mill South Africa2010,2014
150Ton/24h maize mill Zambia 2014
500Ton/24h maize millSouth Africa 2012,2013,2014   

√    FAQ

Q1. Does the maize mill line can produce different kind of maize meal,maize flour same time?
Yes,the maize mill line can produce different size maize meal or maize flour at same time at one production line 

Q2. Does the maize mill line can running with Generator? 
Yes,the maize mill line can running with Generator 

Q3. Does the maize meal packing machine can pack different bags?
Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg 

Q4. Does the maize mill line can processing maize and wheat same time? 
No,it is because the maize and wheat  Physical Characteristics is different,like the shape,the hardness,all are different,and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner,the roller mill parameter,the plansifter sieve all are different.As professional manufacture for maize meal or flour,cannot processing maize and wheat same time           

maize mill design with high quality and European standard
maize mill was running in Kenya 150T/D, 50T/D, 20T/D, Zambia 30T/D, 50T/D.
maize mill for doing super white fine maize flour, maize grits, maize meal, maize rice.
maize mill design with degerminator suitable for Africa Market.
Now I think you have known some information about our maize mill machinery, if you interested in our high quality maize mill machinery, please contact with me.

Ms Haoran
Lushan WinTone machinery
Crossroad of Qinggong Road Zhongxin Road Industry District,Lushan,China
website:Mr. Haoran

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