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Overseas Installing of Wheat Flour Milling Machine

Time:2021-12-20   Source:

Overseas Supplier of Wheat Flour Milling Machine
Technology of wheat flour milling machine

A.General introduction of wheat flour milling machine 
Supply wheat flour milling machine 
1.International branch:South Africa, Congo and Zambia, Australia, Brazil
2.With 20ton/hour maize mill plant being installed in Delareyville, NORTH WEST Province, South Africa and
complete set of 60ton/24hour wheat flour milling machine  installed in Djibouti.

3.The core technologies of our group are in the filed of wheat flour milling machine engineering, with European
Technology, South America maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour and
Maize meal processing line. wheat flour milling machine 

4.Our machine is designed in European standard, the whole process line including cleaning, milling and packing
System is automatic.Which can produce low-fat flour in fine quality, different grades wheat flour (bread flour, cake flour, noodle flour etc.)
and maize flour products:Samp, grits, meal, flour and bran.

5.We can offer you best design with pneumatic roller mill, bearing SKF, plansifter with PLC computer control
System, which can auto-calculate the material input, output, flour extraction rate, with general control on whole
Equipment and each part, motor and alarm function.

6.The degeminator equipment is made in Buhler and Sasuke mill technique, which can take germ out of maize
Completely to make low fat flour products. 
Outoput of wheat flour milling machine

TypeCapacityFlour extractionPowerWorkshopContainer(ft)
6FYDT-5T5t/24hFine flour 75-85%15kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-8T8t/24hFine flour 75-85%23kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-12T12t/24hFine flour 75-85%55kw16m/6m/5m40*1
6FYDT-15T15t/24hFine flour 75-85%80kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-24T24t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-30T30t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw26m/8m/5m40*2
6FYDT-50T50t/24hFine flour 75-85%135kw27m/9m/7.5m40*2
6FYDT-100T100t/24hFine flour 75-85%240kw30m/9m/10m20*1
6FYDT-120T120t/24hSmall grain35-40%
6FYDT-150T150t/24hSmall grain35-40%
6FYDT-300T300t/24hSmall grain35-40%

FAQ of  wheat flour milling machine 

Q1. Does the wheat flour milling machine can produce different kind of meal,flour same time?

Yes,the wheat flour milling machine can produce different size maize meal or maize flour at same time at one production line 

Q2. Does the wheat flour milling machine can running with Generator? 

Yes,the wheat flour milling machine can running with Generator 

Q3. Does the wheat flour milling  packing machine can pack different bags?

Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg 

Q4. Does the wheat flour milling machine  can processing maize and wheat same time? 

No,it is because the maize and wheat  Physical Characteristics is different,like the shape,the hardness,all are different,and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner,the roller mill

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Lushan WinTone Machinery CO., LTD.
Add: Lushan, Henan Province, China

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