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for Tanzania Market of 50t/D Maize Flour Mill

Time:2021-12-31   Source:

50t/D Maize grinding mill can process low-fat flour, corn java, corn germ, feedstuff and so on. We can get other kinds of corn food, such as fast food congee, corn oil if can made further process. The low-fat corn flour, corn java are not only the ideal material of beer factory, wine factory, sugar factory and food factory, but are the healthy food for improving the lives of the residents of the town.

some specification of 50t/D Maize grinding mill:

TypeCapacityFlour extractionpowerWorkshopContainer(ft)
6FYDT-5T5t/24hFine flour 75-85%15kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-10T10t/24hFine flour 75-85%23kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-12T12t/24hFine flour 75-85%55kw16m/6m/5m40*1
6FYDT-15T15t/24hFine flour 75-85%80kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-25T25t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-30T30t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw26m/8m/5m40*2
6FYDT-50T50t/24hFine flour 75-85%135kw27m/9m/7.5m40*2
6FYDT-100T100t/24hFine flour 75-85%240kw30m/9m/10m20*1

We have export our maize grinding mills to many countries, like America(100T/24h), Venezuela(50T/24h), Brazil (60T/24h) Ethiopia (500T/24h), Zimbabwe (120T/24h with 1000T*4 steel silos) ,Benin (150T/24H, Zambia ( 1500T/24H) etc , and we have branch office in Kinshasa RD Congo, Lusaka, Zambia. we are a factroy of all kinds of maize grinding mills, welcome to contact with us for all details

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