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Maize Mill Machine Corn Flour Milling Machinery

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5-100t Maize Mill Machine Corn Flour Milling Machinery

Technology of maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery
1. Available for wheat, maize, sorghum, bean
And any grain flour mill
2. Advanced in technology, easy control, auto-operation
3. High capacity, low consumption.
4.24h online and after- sale-service.
5. International branch: South Africa, Congo and Zambia of maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery

Introduction of Maize Mill Machine Corn Flour Milling Machinery
We are a manufacturer and can produce various types of maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery. Our company founded in 2003, it is Second biggest in China,
we have 500 employee, our factory houses covers 3.5 acres.
Maize mill Production variety: 1) Maize fine flour; 2) Maize big rice; 3) Maize small rice;
4) Maize germ; 5) Maize bran; 6) Fodder flour, Our machine adopts advanced technology,
its easy operating, high extraction and power saving.

maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery is to get grits and flour from maize/corn
Business scope: 20 countries
Type: OEM manufacturer
Turnkey: Yes
Flour Milling Machine workshop general introduction
1. Flour Milling Machine workshop techniques design
A) Processing material: The volume weight: 750-800g/L. Soft and hard wheat
B) Main flour milling index:
Wheat milling capacity: 5 -500T/24h
Flour quality: First Grade, Second Grade, Standard
Flour extraction: 70 -73% Ash< 0.58%
Cleaning system adopts sieves, beating, brush, de-stoner, temper moisture, magnetic selecting.
Flour milling system adopts milling, sieving, bran brushing, middle and rear line beat bran, purifying flour. Adopt roller milling machine, can make the similar raw material grinding second after second.
Technical working line as below:
Cylinder separator -Bucket elevator -Computerized automatic moisture controller -Screw conveyor -Damper bin -Screw conveyor -Bucket elevator -Gravity classifier de-stoner -Magnetic separator -Horizontal Scourer -Bran brusher -Auto balance vibrating sifter Bucket elevator - Spraying temper mixer -Screw conveyor -Final bin- First maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery

Output of maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery

TypeCapacityFlour extractionpowerWorkshopContainer(ft)
6FYDT-5T5t/24hFine flour 75-85%15kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-8T8t/24hFine flour 75-85%23kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-12T12t/24hFine flour 75-85%55kw16m/6m/5m40*1
6FYDT-15T15t/24hFine flour 75-85%80kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-24T24t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-30T30t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw26m/8m/5m40*2
6FYDT-50T50t/24hFine flour 75-85%135kw27m/9m/7.5m40*2
6FYDT-100T100t/24hFine flour 75-85%240kw30m/9m/10m20*1
6FYDT-120T120t/24hSmall grain35-40%
6FYDT-150T150t/24hSmall grain35-40%
6FYDT-300T300t/24hSmall grain35-40%

Contact us for maize mill machine corn flour milling machinery
Lushan WinTone Machinery CO., LTD.
Add: Lushan, Henan Province, China

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