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European Standard 50t/24h Wheat Flour Milling Machinery

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European Standard 50t/24h Wheat Flour Milling Machinery

The 50T/24H wheat flour milling machinery is designed by our company, which turn out to be a success.
The main technical of 50T/24H wheat flour milling machine:

Technology flow:
1. Technique for cleaning system: Three sieves, Two beating, Two removing stone, One moisture temper and Two magnetic selecting.
2. Technology for flour system: Twelve roller mills, five FSFJ2× 12× 83 double-bin sifter sieves, one FSFJ1× 83 single sifter sieve make up of 4B, 6M, 1S and 2 bran brusher.
The workshop is steel platforms. The total length of workshop is 30m, 8m width and 7.5m high. The total acreage is 240 square meters. 
We can design the dimension of workshop as customer's requirement.

The parameter for 50T/D wheat flour milling machinery:
1. Total length of the roller: 4800mm
2. Capacity(wheat/24h)(/24): 50T/24h
3. Flour extraction: To produce standard flour: 75-82%
To produce grade 2 flour: 70 -75%
To produce grade 1 flour: 60-68%
4. Flour quality: Obey the people's republic of China's GB1355-88 standard GB1355-88
5. Power supply: About: 182kW
6. Total weight of the equipment: 31T
7. Dimension of the factory: 2800× 7000× 7500mm
8. Container: 40'× 2 +20'× 1

wheat flour milling machinerycapacityremark
HDFM5 WHEAT MILLprocesssing wheat 5ton per 24hourssmall capacity
HDFM20 WHEAT MILLprocesssing wheat 20ton per 24hourssmall capacity
HDFM50 WHEAT MILLprocesssing wheat 50ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM100 WHEAT MILLprocesssing wheat 100ton per 24hoursmiddle capacity
HDFM500 WHEAT MILLprocesssing wheat 500ton per 24hoursbig capacity

Q1. Does the wheat flour milling machine can produce different kind of flour, like fine flour, special flour, semolina in same time?
Yes,the wheat flour milling machine can produce different kind of flour dpend on the food client do, like bread, cake, biscuit, noodle, chapatti, pasta and so on.
Q2. Do we supply customaized project depend on different client from different country?
yes, depend on client's local condition, like workshop size, voltage, market main needs, we will design the machine depend on the client speciallly need.
Q3. Does the wheat flour milling machine can running with Generator?
Yes,the maize mill line can running with Generator
Q4. Does the wheat flour packing machine can pack different bags?
Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg
Q5. Does the wheat flour milling line can processing maize and wheat same time?
No,it is because the maize and wheat Physical Characteristics is different,like the shape,the hardness,all are different,and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner,the roller mill parameter,the plansifter sieve all are different.As professional manufacture for maize meal or flour,cannot processing maize and wheat same time

 Why buying the wheat flour milling machine from our factory?
1. Client good feedback,first buy the small capacity of middle capacity,normally after 2years buy the bigger capacity.
Egypt client 2007buy the 60T/24h milling machine,2014 buy the 200T/24h milling machine
Brazil client 2009 buy the 80T/24h milling machine,2014 buy the 250T/24h milling machine
Zambia client 2013 buy the 50T/24h milling machine,2015 buy another 50T/24h milling machine
2.over sea service center available, 24h after service:
Lusaka Zambia,Kinshasa RD congo,Addis Ababa Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan
Durban South Africa,New Delhi India
3.Warranty 2years
4.Chinese profesional engineer guide installation and commissioning

we supply customized hammer mills for different clients depend on different client's purpose. like Uganda client want super white maize flour, Tanzania client want Pure maize flour, Rwanda client want fine maize flour and so on. our hammer mills can really meet your needs, further about the hammer mills, please just feel free to ask us. We are a factory!

Ms. Sophia for flour milling machines.
M: +86 132 2344 2174

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