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150t Wheat Flour Milling Machinery

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150t Wheat Flour Milling Machinery
Introduction of wheat flour milling machinery
Bucket elevator: Bucket elevator is the vertical machine for lifting the raw material, and the worm conveyor is the horizontal machine for carrying the material. As have too much machines, we designed use vertical technical flow and horizontal flow in the factory to save area and hight of the building.

Running a high speed into the machine to make a spark under beating and friction situation. Also can turn the fire away from the workshop. Magnetic separators has a resonable structure, and big magnetic force, so can exsuction the magnetic material from the wheat, to make sure the rear working line safety.

Technology of wheat flour milling machinery
Horizontal scourer: Although wheat already has cleaned into the vibrating sieve, most impurities were removed, but this is the first cleaning procedure, so still has many impurities in the wheat, such as dust dust, wheat hairs, insect eggs, etc. If the wheat not clean very well, will givue the flour a poor quality, bad colour, and high ash rate, etc. The working principle of the beating brusher is using the high speed rotating metal plate to beat the wheat inside the beating brusher. Between beating plate and iron sieve the wheat attrition and beaten several times, and the wheat granules to rub each other, that separate the impurities on the wheat husk from the wheat. On the same time, mud, cinder, and worm eaten wheat which the size is smaller than wheat is crashed, moved by the sieves and blowers.

Market of wheat flour milling machinery
Gravity classifier destoner: According to different gravity between wheat and same size stones, and air dynamics, adopt destone and sieve performance and movement parameter, and air current speed, the destoner to classificate the raw material. The wheat and stones moving on the sieve with different direction, made the stones are separated from wheat.

20tons/24h wheat flour milling machineryZimbabwe2009
RD Congo2010
RD Congo2011
50tons/24h wheat flour milling machineryMalawi2009
RD Congo2010
100tons/24h wheat flour milling machinerySouth Africa2010

120t/24h wheat flour milling machinery

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