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Maize Milling Machine for Africa with High Quality

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Maize milling machine for Africa with high quality
WinTone flour mill clients

Company of maize corn flour milling machine
We can supply the manufacturer and erection of the wheat flour milling machine from 5T-500T/24H.
Our machine line include clean part, flour milling part and packing part of wheat flour mill milling machine.

Technology of maize corn flour milling machine
Maize flow into the elevator from the rough maize bin and upgrade to high efficiency vibrating sieve.
Use the dimension difference between maize and impurity to get rid of the big and small impurity inside.
When maize go through the suction channel of the sieve, the light impurity will separated by the blower.
After clearing, maize will go into the magnetic separator to separate the magnetic impurity.
Processing of Maize Corn Flour Milling Machine
Then go into the wheat scourer, use difference strength between maize and parts of impurity,
Depend on the high speed rotary board to break up the impurity whose strength is lighter than maize,
And separate the impurity on the pileorhiza, the impurity will shake out by sieve plate.

Maize will pass through the dust chamber and flow into the gravity classifies deduster.
Make use of the different gravity and aerodynamic property between maize and impurity to remove the stone inside.
Then go into the tempering mixer to moisture maize and into the moisture bin.

Maize will stay at the moisture bin about 20-40 minute.Cortex and endosperm will absorb water and expand,
Hen shift.The shift of them reduces the binding fence between them and increase toughness of cortex, so it is easy to separate them, also easy to separate the germ.

Maize after moisture will goes into corn barker (crusher).This machine will make initiate crush with the maize,
The blower will get the maize pericarp out, and others will goes into the plane revolving sieve.The small pieces will go the mill, and the big pieces above sieve will goes into the embryo selector.The selector will separate them according the different gravity between endosperm with cortex and endosperm.

After separated, the endosperm will send to the mill to be flour.The endosperm with cortex will first squash by the mill, the germ inside will squash like cake, the endosperm will be flour.They will send by air current to the double sifter series to separate the germ and maize flour.

The material goes into the mill will be grinding and classify step by step, then goes into the bran brusher and separate the cortex and germ further more, then grind and classify again.Maize flour pass though each sifter, then goes into the flour cyclone and collected and packing

Installing of maize corn flour milling machine

Successful project of maize corn flour milling machine
11500t maize corn flour milling machine in South Africa
2150T maize mill in Zambia
3100t mazie mill in South Africa
4150t maize mill in Kenya
WinTone 1500t/24h maize mill 

150t/24h maize flour mill machinery

100t/24h maize milling machine

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Lushan WinTone Machinery CO., LTD.
Add:Lushan, Henan Province, China

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