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50t Per 24h Maize Flour Milling Equipment for Zambia

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50t per 24h Maize Flour Milling Equipment for Zambia
 maize flour milling machines medium capacity running in Zambia and Kenya.  
Capacity is from 5 ton to 500 tons, like 10 ton,20ton,30ton,50ton,100 tons 200 tons etc. 

1----capacity range abot 50t/24h maize flour mills machine:
we can supply 5-500T/24H wheat flour milling machine, 5-300T/24H maize milling equipment, maize flour milling machine, 200-10000T grain silos, all kinds of oil extruding machines, bakery machines, biscuit making lines and packaging machines.  

Running maize milling machineSouth Africa 1500T/24H,ZAMBIA 100TPD,150TPD,50T,30T,20T,KENYA 150T,30T,Zimbabwe 120T,Congo,Uganda,Namibia etc
Running wheat flour millAmerica,Brazil 200T,Egypt 200T,ETHIOPIA 500T Afghan 300T,Pakistan etc

Variety capacit of maize flour milling equipment installed photos.

2-----The FAQ

Q1. Does the maize flour milling machines can produce different kind of maize meal,maize flour same time?

Yes,different size maize meal or maize flour at same time at one production line

Q2. Does the maize / wheat flour mill machine can running with Generator? 
Yes,the maize milling machines can running with Generator

Q3. Does the maize / wheat flour mill machines can pack different bags?
Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg

Automatic packing and manual one.

Q5. Does the wheat flour milling machinery can produce bread flour,semolina?

yes,bread flour,cake flour,biscuite flour,semoline,atta,suji,meda etc.

Q6. Where do you install your wheat milling machines and maize flour mill plant ?

Such as South Africa, Kenya,Zambia,Congo,Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Ehtiopia ,Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria,Benin, America,Brazil, Afghanistan, Tajikistan,Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica,Pakistan,China over 40 countries.

High quality of 50t/24h maize milling machine

Excellent QualityNow are installing 3 sets 500T/24H maize mill plant in SOUTH AFRICA The biggest one from CHINA factory.
The 150t per day maize milling equipment installing in Kenya,
Professional ServiceEngineer oversea for installation and commissioning and train your local works.
Reliable Delivery timeEnsure delivery time and guarantee machine quality for two years.
Competitive price reasonable priceWith 30 year experience supply best designing best quality machine suitable for your local market.
Will give proper design and quote best competitive price as per your requirement.

3------Specifications for 50 ton maize flour mill
 The main technical of 50T/24H maize flour milling machine,Maize milling equipment;
1. Production capacity: 50T(maize)/24H
2. Products variety:
1) Maize fine flour, all through 44 mesh (400micron) sieve
2) Maize germ
3) Maize bran;
4) Coarse Fodder
3. Extraction rate:
1)Fine Maize flour: 70~75%
2)Maize bran and germ: 25-30%
4. Workshop dimension: 27× 9× 7.5m(L× W× H)
5. Power supply: About 127kW.
6. Container: 2*40'+1*20'(common one suit for transportation)

Photos of Packing machines for maize flour milling line. 

4------Contact Me!

If you need more detail design and list ,official quotation please contact us freely by email ,leave SMS on Whatsapp or call us anytime! 

You will gain the quick reply within 12 to 24hours. 

Contact person: WinTone
Mobile phone:

Maize flour machine for breakfast meal roller meal
maize milling euipment for Zambia
Lusaka Zambia running maize flour milling equipment

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