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Commercial Small Maize Grinding Machine, Corn Mill Grinder

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Commercial small maize grinding machine, corn mill grinder
10 t/d small maize grinding machine, corn mill grinder for sale.
Smaller capacity corn grinding machine to produce maize corn flour,grits.  
Running in Kenya Zambia Uganda smaller maize grinding machine better to begin with.

corn flour mill grinder 10 t/day running in Kenya.
Provide corn mill maize grinding machine installation and testing.

Maize grinding mill machine can produce super white maize meal for ugali,sadza,fufu,posho etc local Africa food. Capacity is from 10 t/day,20t ,30t,50t ,100t,150t etc.

1____Products parameter:
1. Production capacity,10-12tons corn/24h
2. Production variety,1)Maize fine flour 2)Maize big rice 3) Maize small rice 4)Maize germ 5) Maize bran 6) Fodder flour
1) Maize rice,45-55%
2) Maize fine flour,35-25%
3) Maize germ,6-8%
4) Maize bran and Fodder flour,14-10%
4. Workshop:(L×W×H),25×7.5×5.5m
5. Power supply:About 54kW 

2 ____Our service for maize grinding machine:
Branch office for easy serive:Zambia,South Africa,RD Congo,Pakistan;Kenya agent,Egypt agent,Ethiopia agent,Brazil agent.
After sale:Will send experienced engineers to guide installation and training and commissioning works.
We supply turnkey project.

3____Export to those maize grinding machine and corn grinder 
We have installed our machines in South Africa (1500T/24H), Ethiopia (500T/24H, 80T/24H ), Egypt( 200T/24H, 60T/24H) , Brazil(200T/24H), Zambia (150T/24H) and so on.

ProductsExported to the Country
3 sets 500ton/day Maize / Corn flour mill machineSouth Africa
150ton/day Maize / Corn flour mill machineZambia,Kenya etc
100ton/day Maize / Corn flour mill machineZambia etc
50ton/day Maize / Corn flour mill machineKenya,Uganda,Zambia,Venezuela etc
20ton/day,30ton/day Maize / Corn flour mill machineKenya,Congo,Uganda,Zimbabwe etc

Visit China for maize grinding mill machine and corn grinder 
there is a complete maize milling line running in our factory now. 

If you need any more technical information,please feel free to contact us!
Our team will do best for you and give proper design according to your requirement and local condition.
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Corn grinding machine running in Nairobi of Kenya.
Maize grinder for sale in Uganda.
Corn and maize grinding mill machine is running very well in Lusaka of Zambia

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