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Grain Processe 100ton 200ton 300ton Wheat Flour Mill

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Grain Processe 100ton 200ton 300ton  Wheat Flour Mill

China and Australia Wheat Flour Mill  technology
China and South Africa Maize Mill Technology
Anstralia office;Brazil agent;South Africa office,Zambia office,Rd Congo office

WinTone  Wheat Processing Machine Wheat Flour Mill   : 
The core technologies of our group are in the filed of maize and wheat mill processing,with European technology,South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour and maize meal processing lineProduct Parameters

Capacity(wheat/24h):100t/24h 5t/h

1. Total length of the roller:12000mm
2. Capacity(wheat/24h): 110-120T/24h
3. Flour extraction: To produce standard flour:75-82%
                                    To produce grade 2flour: 72-75%
                                    To produce grade 1flour: 65-70%
4. Flour quality: obey the people's republic of China's GB1355-86 standard
                               Ash:to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight) to produce grade 1 flour:                                           0.65%(dry weight)
                               Power supply:380kW
5. Total weight of the equipment :85T
6. Dimension of the factory: 42000×12000×12000mm(Tripod structure)
    Installing time: three months   

Company Profile

Lushan WinTone Machinery Co.,LTd is a professional manufacture

of wheat flour mill and maize mill,we provide high quality machine from 500kg/h to 50ton/h with different design according to our client needs,with European technology,South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and maize mill plant.
The head office of Lushan WinTone Machinery Co.,Ltd is located 4hours driving from Beijing,where we have approximately 100employees,a manufacturing facility of 30000square meters and 500 square meters of office space.

Pre-sales ConsultationWe can design the processing technology according to your requirements.
Equipment InstallationOur professional technicians offer the guidance of installation, commissioning the machines,build up the workshop building and silos,and we can also help to reform the old workshop building as per customers' condition.
TrainingOur professional technicians provides training workers of customers' factory,which is helpful to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and reduce its downtime. In this way, the quality of finished products will be guaranteed.
Fixing and MaintenanceOur professional technical team can help solve any problem that occurs in customer's flour production efficiently. We can do regular examinations to the equipment and offer you guidance on the equipment operation if you need.
Our staff in Lusaka Office can go to see your site and machines directly and give some advise face to face. 

CapacityFlour extractionpowerWorkshopContainer(ft)
6FYDT-5T5t/24hFine flour 75-85%15kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-10T10t/24hFine flour 75-85%23kw10m/5m/5m20*1
6FYDT-12T12t/24hFine flour 75-85%55kw16m/6m/5m40*1
6FYDT-15T15t/24hFine flour 75-85%80kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-25T25t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw18m/5m/5m40*2
6FYDT-30T30t/24hFine flour 75-85%95kw26m/8m/5m40*2
6FYDT-50T50t/24hFine flour 75-85%135kw27m/9m/7.5m40*2
6FYDT-100T100t/24hFine flour 75-85%240kw30m/9m/10m20*1



Now send your inquiry to me or talk with me online to ask more for the maize mill machine. You also can find me through the below way:

MS.  Helen 


 Add:         Zhongxin Road Industry District, Lushan, Henan, China.

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