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MTPS-R Multifunctional Emery Roller Corn Dehulling Machine

Product properties
  • Summary:Multifunctional Emery Roller Corn Dehulling Machine can be used in grain processing enterprises and feed processing enterprises, maize, sorghum, barley and legumes


MTPS's new double-body corn fine dehulling machine abandons the "grinding" processing method of the traditional peeling machine, and adopts the "dry cutting and peeling" technology, which can realize the layered fine cutting and peeling of the corn endosperm and the separation of the germ, so as to achieve a low breakage rate and high peeling effect. The first cleaning rate is 60%, and the second cleaning rate is over 95%. Compared with the traditional peeling machine, with the same power, the output is increased by 1.5-2 times, saving energy and reducing consumption, and rapidly increasing the profit point of corn processing enterprises. The same output can compare effects, and the same effect can compare energy consumption.

corn peeling machine
maize dehulling machine


Dedicated corn extract machine
Using special emery rollers and sieve plates, it has longer service life, low crushing and high efficiency, and high yield of finished products;

Humanized and reasonable design
It adopts locking self-aligning bearings, a boring-free frame, a main shaft blower fan, and a split screen frame, which is convenient for installation and disassembly;

Good peeling effect and finished product quality
Efficient peeling, removal of black navel, removal of germ, high yield of finished product, complete and bright finished product granules;

Low investment and energy consumption
Large output, high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, it is a special machine for corn processing production line and corn feed processing industry;

peeled and dehulled maize

Technical Index

Model Capacity
Rated voltage
MTPS-25Rx2 6-8 44-60+3 380 1500 2033×1450×2222
MTPS-30Rx2 8-12 74-90+3 380 1950 2332×1450×2222

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